NEW - Parke Hill Studio

Recorded at Parke Hill Studio. Including video from Parke Hill's house, Church Street and other stage appearances. Jeff (guitar, lead vocal), Jimmy Fingers (keyboard), Tom "The Bomb" Holysz (sax), Mike Galloway (harp), Dan Walters (bass).

  1. "World Of Hurt"
  2. "Walkin´ The Dog"
  3. "Bad Limousine"
  4. "Ain´t Nothin´ But A Party"
  5. "Ain´t Nobody Got A Love Like Mine"
  6. "Iko Iko"

Pocky Way (the light version)

The Swingin' Johnsons - Jeff (guitar, vocals), Jim (keyboard) and Tim (harp). Doing a little New Orleans music. Pocky Way the light version. No drums or bass. Helping us out with this one were Dorice (on guitar) and Tanya (on violin). Two awesome musicians from the streets of New Orleans. A private party at the Abbey on March 10, 2012 downtown Orlando, FL.